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NewGPI pro working logic

The NewGPIpro game script on the computer enables members to use the local IP address combined with the user's real-name authentication to generate game accounts to simulate real game scenarios, and to obtain the company's game data, tasks, role assignments and generated accounts every day. After the parsing is completed, the uninterrupted execution command is sent to the corresponding server. The service station receives commands to perform game mission progress. The equipment and game coins obtained in the game are sold in the game trading center every 5 minutes to generate NG coins! NG coin is an NTF game token. It cooperates with ten well-known world game trading platforms and has a stable exchange rate. It can be exchanged for legal currency in different countries in real time for withdrawal operations!

AI intelligent crawler crawls popular games and obtains game data.

Cryptographic analysis of game task distribution and update commands

Computer script handles command transmission in real time using local IP